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If you're a gardener, you're a writer

If you're a dab hand in the garden, then you can write. Even when you think you can't.

A garden lover is a story-teller. With each choice of flower, shrub, ornament and bulb you create a tale in your garden. You make creative decisions about leaf shape, flower shade and plant height in the same way that writers shape a story, think about character and devise their plot.

Some of the best gardens are ones that reflect the story of the owner. They contain cuttings and seeds from friends, flowers placed in memory of someone, pots and ornaments found on holiday, objects made by children and grandchildren, and favourite tasting vegetables and herbs

The grand gardens of Europe know how to tell their stories with majesty, often in a quirky way. Some gardens aim to depict the power and importance of their creators, others invite you to experience comfort and sentimentality.

In our own garden, we like to tell many tales. We have erigeron cuttings originally from our dear friend's garden in Kew, transplanted to every garden we have lived in. There is a spread of bluebells to remind Rob of his English childhood and daffodils because they are oh so cheerful. The hills hoist washing line is incorporated into our vegetable garden as homage to previous owners of our house. We have a garden in memory of our son which is a refuge filled with bird life as well as a place to enjoy life with friends and family. Our children all have handprints in our concrete at the back door which was done when they were very young.

We are fortunate that in a large garden there is space to tell many stories. But garden stories can be found anywhere - the pet with a favourite sleeping spot, childhood memories, simple ornaments collected. Write a page about something special in your garden or favourite surroundings today, and see what memories it evokes.

Enjoy your writing every day!

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