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One sunflower inspired us

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

We explain why our workshops centre around personal renewal when you enjoy a creative gardening and writing experience at Mistover.

Bees on sunflower, Mistover Daylesford
Sunflower at Mistover, Daylesford

This sunflower was a moment of quiet exhilaration at Daylesford. It towered over our vegetable garden in yellow splendor, but it wasn't until I examined it closely that I saw the intricacy of its structure.

Our workshops put away technology and re-discover the simple and creative possibilities of outdoor activities.

Inundated by surfing Instagram and Facebook, I realised that greater beauty and a better story existed in this living plant in my own garden. It was so superior to any of the feel-good stuff and inspirational word quotes I read online.

The sunflower looked like closely woven beads, a giant pendant. Precious bees buzzed joyfully around the flower's sunny pollen.

Why a sunflower inspired these workshops

Sunflowers are considered the happiest of flowers, connected to strength and energy.

As I live with the impossible truth of the death of a child, I have discovered that you can't let loss define you. Of course, it is with you every minute of every day, and though it's harder, you need to find happiness, strength, and renewed energy in the life you continue to pursue.

Our workshops at Mistover are designed to be gentle, practical and fun. You don't have to be good at gardening or writing. You can turn off your phone and computer and spend a few hours in our relaxed environs to reignite your creative brain.

We combine the garden and words to help stimulate your body and mind. The setting of our garden is the basis for everything you create when you visit us.

We hope to meet you at our workshops.

We welcome your comments which can be added at the bottom of this page.

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