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Scared to call yourself a writer?

Sometimes the simplest things stop us believing we can write - the teacher who put red lines through that favourite essay, your manager saying your report was rubbish, or maybe you stopped writing when friends found your teenage diary and laughed at the thoughts you expressed.

Writing is relaxed these days. You don't have to be great at spelling or grammar, and computers have checks (though always question the computer's opinion).

To write, all you need is an interest in words and a desire to express yourself.

Perhaps you'd like to write your life story, keep a journal or take your first steps in creative writing. You don't need to be published to enjoy the process of working with words.

At Mistover, we are inspired by the seasons. We see changes in the garden daily, which give rise to a range of feelings. Our insect, bird and wildlife is wonderful, so our senses are stimulated wherever we go. Some days, words jump out because nature gifts a myriad of ideas.

This experience is what we love to share in our workshops because we know that everybody can write. But we start with a down-to-earth garden tour because talking about plants and soils and seeds really helps the imagination.

Our obsession with spending hours in the garden and enjoying creative expression reignited as a way of dealing with a very tough time. If that feels like you, we hope our workshops help you find a way forward too. Equally, you might just want a day out with friends, the chance to embrace a common interest or the happiness of doing something different.

Here's some tips to prepare for a gardening and writing experience:

  • Feel confident that you're a storyteller

  • Write your thoughts without stopping to correct spelling or grammar

  • Stuck for ideas? Go outside and look for things you've never noticed

  • Get your hands dirty. Seriously! Stick your hands in soil, stroke a leaf. Use all your senses

Here at Mistover, we were talking about the word tip after we used it in this blog. It has so many meanings from giving a waiter a tip, a person an idea, creeping about on tip-toes, the tip of a leaf, knocking something over, a rubbish tip, a piece of advice, an inside whisper on who's going to win. Already you're seeing the energy that one three-letter word can create. Language is crazily great! As you write, explore the abundance of meaning in every word you use.

There's never been a better time to express yourself creatively.

We're in a world punctuated with a pandemic and numerous lockdowns. With so little social activity, we're bingeing on Netflix. Writing is a creative hobby that you can take anywhere. It fills up hours when you're in the mood. You can do it as a family or on your own.

You don't even have to rely on being 'accepted for publication' by one overworked editor, because anyone can publish. Most importantly, if you don't want to publish or share your writing, psychologists acknowledge the great state of being that develops when you write your personal journal, poem or story for your eyes only.

Now there are numerous writing platforms. You can write blogs, Instagram poetry, ebooks, personal journals, online content, scripts for videos, Facebook posts, short story fiction as well as traditional fiction and non-fiction book formats. You can write for pleasure and create story books for your partner, children and grandchildren. You can write a story about your much loved pet. And you can upload photos and words to an online program that delivers a printed book right to your door.

Keep an eye out for our workshops so you can enjoy a creative tomorrow.

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