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Come learn with us

Through our own difficult and good experiences, we've discovered life is better if you keep learning and active.


Mistover's workshops are for people who love gardens and nature but are also interested in expressing themselves creatively. 

Our workshops use various spaces around our property. The garden and home at Mistover are designed to make you feel comfortable immediately. Whether indoors or outdoors, our aim is that you feel like stepping back from your daily grind and let your curious mind run wild.


If you've never written or gardened before, it doesn't matter. We just want you to have a great time. This is especially important as we adjust to living with a global pandemic.


Enjoy a practical garden tour, combined with creative writing activities.

As garden design expert Ray Robinson walks you through Mistover's garden, pick up ideas for your own garden and ask lots of questions. After a delicious morning tea, join wordsmith Ros Marsden to try out activities that inspire you to write a fictional story or something that's been meaningful in your own life.  Everyone has a story in them. 


We hope you leave our workshops with new skills, connections and enthusiasm. 

Image by Benjamin Combs
Practical and hands on

Our workshops are interactive. We focus on skills that you can continue to build on in your own time.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Friendly and informal

Our home is your home. We provide a relaxed atmosphere full of laughs, chats and exploration.


We work with people who are dedicated to their craft and love sharing their knowledge.

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