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Our spaces

At Mistover we have a variety of spaces perfect for workshops, small conferences, team building days and community groups.

We provide a comfortable and informal environment so people can quickly feel creative and invigorated, whether they're working inside or in the garden surrounds. We believe beautiful vistas contribute to how we think. Workshop areas inside are comfortable with views from every window. Break-out areas encourage people to think or discuss ideas before presenting.

Contact us with your requirements and potential dates, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Watch YLab, a training and consultancy social enterprise that puts "young people, your people, and complex problems together" use the areas of Mistover for their Unconference event.

The Courtyard

Under the shelter of a large conifer, you can gather to talk and create. Sometimes birds drop by to call out their encouragement. Creative thinking is helped by the views across the hills from this convivial space. As much as possible we offer our outside areas to inspire creative thinking.

The Nature Hut
(William's garden)

The Nature Hut is ideal for small gatherings or break-out groups. It is set in an Australian bush garden. You may notice tiny birds flitting about the trees as you stretch your imagination in this quiet reflective space. The Nature Hut contains bench seating round a large table plus a wood burner for cooler days.

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The Big Room

The Big Room is at the heart of Mistover and is our multi-purpose indoor area. It can be set up formally with tables and chairs or used for less formal workshops to help people feel confident voicing their opinions and ideas. This room has also been used for small music events.

The Studio

Another great break-out space is The Studio. Lined with books, it can be set up classroom style or small groups can take advantage of the comfortable seating.

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