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Vegetable garden

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Mistover's vegetable garden is designed around the existing Hills Hoist clothing line (top left photo), erected by early owners of the property. This style of clothes line was invented in Australia in the 1940s and the National Library of Australia lists the early ones as a national treasure. We continue to love its structure and its ability to dry clothes quickly!

We are still learning a lot about growing veggies and trying to produce more plants from seed. There is a huge difference in taste when you eat your own vegetables - more flavour, crispy crunch and immensely satisfying to eat when you know they are chemical free. It also connects you better with Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring when you are only picking and eating produce during the right season. Here are some of our successes with more to come we hope!

We welcome your comments which can be added at the bottom of this page.

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