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Mistover - then and now

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Friends thought we were mad to move to the country, but sometimes madness changes your life. This is the story of how we bought Mistover TWICE!

Courtyard, Mistover Daylesford

In 1992, with two small children and one on the way, we fell in love with a property in the spa town of Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.

Anyone who has renovated knows the drill. You visit a property for sale and your soul sings with excitement. You see the elderly floorboards, decaying window frames and structural problems through romantic foggy glasses. While we knew we wanted to do major restoration work at Mistover, we probably didn't understand it was going to be such a big task! But the lure of country life, four acres of ground plus space to have horses, poultry and garden proved irresistible. And we love every day in this rambling comfortable home.

Circumstances changed and ten years later, we sold Mistover to accommodate work requirements in Melbourne. But we missed the country lifestyle and we missed Mistover. We pined for these things so much that in 2013 we bought the same exact property back.

We have been back at Mistover since 2013! Still in the home where we raised our three children.

Some early glimpses of Mistover in 1992

Mistover now

When we bought Mistover for the second time we wrote to our three children, all young adults by this stage and leading their own lives. Here are their responses:

  • What!!! Really?? That is so exciting!!! Pulling out the big guns to tempt us home I see. Shotgun my old room.

  • Seriously? Is this a joke?! I think you're a little mad. But that's awesome! Not every person gets to own their dream house TWICE in one lifetime. Plus it looks like you get a renovated kitchen!

  • What! That is brilliant, When are you moving in and is that the same bathtub? 

Mistover continues to feel special. Long may that continue.

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