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Buskers and Street Performers of the World

Any travel experience is enhanced by atmosphere - what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

Buskers and street performers of the world fill the streets of numerous cities and provide fun musical experiences when you travel.

Rob sketches buskers we see performing. The variety of instruments showcase the musical talent that exists in the world. So far Rob has concentrated on musicians, but there are also street performers who do juggling, acrobatics, fire-eating, magic and art.

Busker in Stockholm, Sweden

Buskers are talented and the majority study for years to refine their music. Many cities audition buskers which can be a controversial debate. An organisation called Busk provides interesting background on the life of buskers and it includes a map with locations of buskers from around the world.

Busker playing clarinet in Lucca, Italy
Clarinet busker, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

Buskers need to eat and live, and the performance industry is a hard career to survive in. We encourage you to support the buskers you enjoy by contributing to their collection container.

Bagpipes musician near Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Bagpipes busker and faithful dog, Edinburgh Castle

Many famous names commenced their career as a busker. Here’s a list of ten names you will recognise straight away. The busker you listen to today may be tomorrow’s next star!

Busker performing on piano accordian, Lucca, Italy
Busker playing piano accordian, Lucca, Italy

One of the things we enjoy when we watch buskers is looking at their audience, especially children. You see toddlers dance, clap and sway to the music. People pause in their shopping rush to enjoy the sounds. Older men and women sit nearby and watch entire performances.

Guitar playing busker in Pisa, Italy
Guitar playing busker in Pisa

There isn't a happier experience than catching a moment when it’s in front of you. Enjoy the world's buskers!

Buskers performing in Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Group of buskers in walled city of Volterra

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