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Meet our presenters

Enjoy a practical garden tour, combined with creative writing activities.

Workshops at Mistover combine writing activities with sessions on how to garden.


We believe that exploring a garden, contemplating the seasons and having a connection with the soil brings out the writer in everyone.

If you've never written or gardened before, it doesn't matter. 

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Mistover workshops are hosted by Rob and Ros together with people who care for us and guide us to try new things.


Rob co-hosts our workshops with Ros and participates in our discussions and garden creative activities. He loves to show you his vegetable garden but can also tell you about his experience of writing his first satirical crime novel.

Ros co-hosts our workshops with Rob, and runs the creative writing section of our workshops. Discover inspiration in the garden before returning to the studio to put pen to paper - yes paper!

Everybody can write creatively even when they think they can't. 

We are fortunate to be guided by the genius of garden design expert Ray Robinson at Mistover. Now you can benefit from a practical garden experience with Ray at our workshops. You will leave with new ideas to try in your own garden. 

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