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The Mistover story

We live on four acres in the Central Victorian town of Daylesford in Australia. 

We love Mistover so much that we bought it twice! You can learn about its history and how this happened here.

Mistover has been a healing and inspiring space for us. We're big believers in trying new things, and like to dip in and out of new experiences, from hula-hoop lessons and art classes to West African drumming and poetry workshops. 


We have experienced tough times emotionally, but we stay inspired by our two sensational adult daughters. They remind us that you are never too old to learn or to question what you’ve grown up believing. We’re also sustained by the memory of our beautiful son.​

Ros and Rob

Meet Ros and Rob
Ros and Sunshine December 2018.jpg


Ros has worked in mainstream television, newspapers, social media and corporate communications all her life, including at The Age and at Channel 10 Melbourne as a producer. She’s written a book on manners called F... Bombs: The Handy Manners Guide to Make Your Life Easier and created Limericks by Famous Australians, a book where famous Australians wrote limericks about themselves.

Ros has conducted numerous writing workshops, including for Writers Victoria. 

Here's an interview in The Age about Ros.



Rob is a project consultant with a portfolio covering everything from the Melbourne Recital Centre to emergency services, including improvements to bushfire response procedures.

Rob's book Goodnight and Thanks for the Teeth published by Pan Macmillan remains a favourite picture book for Australian children keen to learn about tooth fairies.

In 2021, Rob published his second book, a satirical novel called Starlight Cafe, available on Kindle and in paperback through Amazon.

He is a keen cyclist, covering numerous kilometres in the course of any week.


Our lives have been gladdened by the presence of Finnegan, a young Irish Wolfhound born in July 2021. He travels with us in our new campervan and is a joyful soul who grows in front of our eyes.

In 2020 the beautiful Anya joined our family. She was a gentle Irish Wolfhound who loved nothing more than wandering around Mistover and supervising our garden work. Tragically we lost her at the age of two.

Anya loves our Daylesford workshops.jpg
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