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A Garden


Our property Mistover is located in the Daylesford region less than 90 minutes from Melbourne, Victoria.

We offer a vibrant mix of workshops exploring creativity and connection in a natural and homely setting.

Or the use of our spaces for your own inspirational ideas.

Creative Exploration

Engage your senses as you explore our natural space full of birdsong, refreshing views and contemplative corners.  

Connection to soil

Everything that emerges from the soil sharpens creative energy. Approach every activity with a new perspective.

Lively Ideas

Share laughter and ideas as you enjoy and appreciate conversations on life, learning and landscapes.

At Mistover we believe in
Mistover Daylesford driveway_edited_edited.jpg

Be the first to know

Thanks for subscribing. We will let you know when our next event is happening. Cheers from Ros and Rob at Mistover.

If you're looking for things to do in Daylesford, Mistover offers workshops in serence outdoor and indoor setting like this one

Mistover conducts a limited number of creative workshops each year. The workshops respond to the rhythm of the seasons and are open to everyone.

Mistover Daylesford workshops are held in beautiful settings close to nature
Hire our spaces

We offer a variety of spaces for small groups who enjoy working in a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes the best planning days or creative moments occur in beautiful surrounds.

Mistover Daylesford has been chosen as a dog class venue by All Dogs Are Good Image by Hendo Wang

Mistover Daylesford is lucky enough to be the venue for regular dog classes conducted by All Dogs Are Good.

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